the seltzers

3 mg thc
2 mg cBd

The Cantrip cannabis-infused seltzer Lemon Basil can.

Lemon Basil

Sharp acidity with an earthy, balancing twist. Herbaceous, finishing with a punch of wood and diesel. Like an early-morning rainstorm in a summer citrus grove.

The Cantrip cannabis-infused seltzer Grapefruit Hibiscus can.


Electric citrus with a cerebral floral ascent, underlined by soothing notes of myr. Tart and sassy, she’s the bouquet you’ve always wanted. A pample-must.

The Cantrip cannabis-infused seltzer Ginger Peach can.


Tart, ripe nectar meandering down a hazy Hawaiian road. Your soon-to-be desert island seltzer. Juicy with a hint of spice, not to mention extremely crushable.

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