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Cantrip Ginger Peach can.Cantrip Lemon Basil can.Cantrip Grapefruit Hibiscus can.Cantrip Blackberry Lavender can.Cantrip Watermelon Mint can.

Five unique flavors. Two different doses. Whether you're new to THC or a cannabis connisuear, we have something for everyone.

8 calories per can




3mg thC + 2mg cBd

lemon basil

Infused with
Durban Poison terpenes

Light, crisp, and refreshing. Citrus-forward tart hints meet subtle basil bubbles for a burst of unique flavor. It’s summer, canned.

Pairs well with... Your weekly roommate pasta dinner or fresh seafood on a summer's day.

We recommend drinking Lemon Basil in a field of wildflowers (Don't knock it, until you try it) and accompanying it with a pre-roll from your local dispensary.

Cantrip Lemon Basil can.

"I could drink these all day based on flavor alone. Just a good tasting seltzer."

Cantrip Grapefruit Hibiscus can.

"Really good flavor combination. I don’t enjoy grapefruit usually but in this drink it was awesome."

Grapefruit Hibiscus

Infused with
Headband terpenes

Not your grandma's grapefruit. Floral and fantastic, with a bright taste and refreshing finish. The new anytime, anywhere pink drink.

Pair well with... A solo dance party jamming to your favorite song (right now, ours is Everything’s Sweet by Kai Straw 😉).

A charcuterie board with all the fixin's shared with your best friends. Sharing is caring!



Infused with
Hawaiian Haze terpenes

Sweet and spicy, juicy and tart, not to mention extremely crushable. Your soon-to-be desert island seltzer.

Pairs well with... Slow-cooked homestyle BBQ or the Cubano from the movie Chef (if you know you know).

Ginger Peach is the perfect pair for an early morning sunrise on a beautiful day or the late-night snack bowl of your favorite ice cream with every topping possible.

Cantrip Ginger Peach can.

"Perfect balance of ginger and peach. Doesn't surprise you, it's a nice gradual onset!"

power up
5mg thc

watermelon mint
(coming soon)

Infused with
Cannalope Kush terpenes

The most refreshing concoction since cucumber water. Summer heat can't compete with the cooling blast of your new beach best friend.

Cantrip Watermelon Mint can.
Cantrip Blackberry Lavender can.

blackberry lavender
(coming soon)

Infused with
Sour Tangie terpenes

A juicy burst meets a spirited floral finish in this purple people pleaser. Smooth as ice; nothing thorny
about it.